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At HGH Australia we aim to guide you in the right direction when you want to buy legal HGH boosting products in Australia.  Whether you are an amateur athlete, bodybuilder, gym fanatic or maybe just an older guy who feels he needs a boost.  We have searched and found 2 great products which are designed to boost your GH levels and get you feeling amazing and looking strong and powerful.

So what is HGH?

human growth hormoneHGH is known by many names; Human Growth Hormone, GH, Growth Hormone, Somatotropin and somatropin or just simply ‘growth’.    It is a naturally occurring hormone and is produced by the pituitary gland in the base of the skull.   Scientifically speaking growth hormone is a peptide hormone and its function in the body is to repair and grow cells.  In other words it is the hormone responsible for fixing injury and making you bigger and stronger!

hgh australiaIt is no wonder that HGH is used by athletes and bodybuilders to increase power and muscle mass. The enormous advantage it gives people who take it is huge! However, taking GH in competition is banned.   It is also illegal to buy HGH in most countries without a prescription from a Doctor.  Prescriptions are also very hard to get.  They won’t just write you one cos you want to get ripped!

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Don’t Buy Growth Hormone on the Black Market!

It is possible to buy HGH in Australia on the black market, but I would not advise it.  Buying it from one of these back alley dealers is extremely risky.  You have no idea what they are actually selling you.  It could just be a vial of tap water!  Or it could be something far more dangerous than that.  You could also end up getting arrested as the unlicensed buying and selling of HGH is seriously illegal in Australia.  On a plus note most of the Prisons here have great gyms!  However, don’t be a fool and don’t risk it.

However there is a way that you can legally and safely benefit from the enormous size and muscle gain benefits of Human Growth Hormone.  That is by taking a supplement that boosts your bodies natural production of HGH?  Your body naturally produces HGH every single day.  Scientists have now discovered supplements which ramp up this natural process . The results from people taking these supplements is amazing.

HGH Boosting Supplements Australia

There are various supplements you can take to naturally increase your bodies production of HGH.  We recommend GHF20 for older guys who want to get their vigor back. However, for athletes abnd bodybuilders the product we like best is called HyperGH 14XThis supplement is the most powerful you can legally get without a doctors prescription. 

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Human Growth Hormone Supplement Study

This famous study looked into the effects of a special formula of amino acids on the production of HGH.   The team of Doctors lead by Mr A Isidori studied 15 men under laboratory conditions.  The men were given a special formulation of amino acids and their GH levels were monitored closely.

The results were staggering!

90 minutes after taking the amino acid formula, the Growth Hormone levels in the subjects was on average 700% higher than when they started!  Wow!

You can now buy this HGH Boosting Supplements in Australia!  Buy the HGH Australia approved formula direct from the manufacturer.

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Not just for Bodybuilders! – HGH Formula for older guys

Boost Your HGHAn increase in Human Growth Hormone has also been shown to dramatically reduce the effects of aging in men.  Around middle age guy’s testosterone and growth hormone levels reduce dramatically.  This can lead to sexual mis-function (impotence), depression, decreased muscle size and strength.   By taking a HGH boosting formula you can turn back the clock and feel like a 25 year old again.  This stuff really works. Don’t wait for a Doctors prescription!  Try Genf20, its the formulation designed for guys who want to stay young.

For older guys who want to turn back the clock and get their youthful vigor back, we recommend GenF20 which is specially formulated to help guys keep their physical and sexual health at its peak!

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8 thoughts on “HGH Australia

  1. 6pack

    I’m 54 but I still bodybuild and work out as hard as I ever did.

    Should I order the genf or the hyperx14?

    1. Jonah T Post author

      Good to hear that you are still pumping iron 6pack! You are never too old in my opinion and the benefits are even greater as you age.

      You could take either product to be honest, but as your goals (I imagine) are mainly bodybuilding than I’d suggest the Hyperx14.


    1. Jonah T Post author

      If you are talking about bodybuilding, it all depends on how hard you train mate!

      If your taking to feel younger and boost your sex drive you can expect results very quickly, almost as soon as you start to take it.


  2. Cortoni Brian

    I’ve been on Hyper14x for 3 months now and making big improvements. Seems to be working great for me. I’ve packed on some extra muscle and seem to be recovering faster than before.

    I bought from another site first time round but just reordered from here.



    1. Jonah T Post author

      Hi Brian,
      Thanks for stopping by.

      Glad that the Hyper is working for you. Its a great product and I have seen some young guys pack on serious muscle using it. You have to work out hard as well of course. But this definitely gives you a boost.



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